([Nearly] Wordless Wednesday) Dancing With the Canadians



Bow to your corner


La gigue






Smile! You're on Canada Camera.

15 Responses to ([Nearly] Wordless Wednesday) Dancing With the Canadians

  1. Kame says:

    aaahhh…snow!! we never see snow here

  2. Jayne says:

    It’s good to see you’ve found good ‘staff’ 😛

  3. lavenderbay says:

    And there’s more to come, Kame! There’s another storm warning in effect for today, possibly 25 more centimetres. Welcome to my blog! I’ve blogrolled you; your pet turtles are adorable.

    That’s a good pseudonym, Jayne, thanks! Yes, Staff is the greatest next-door neighbour, both hard-working and fun (as the photos show).

  4. Kame says:

    Thank you so much Lavenderbay 🙂
    I will do the same in our blog.

    Just out of curiosity…why do you call your blog Voices of The Turtle? Do you adopt one of our species too?

  5. We’re getting snow today, but hopefully there will still be some left for you! Love the HotSox.

  6. Binky says:

    You’re lucky. I can’t afford staff.

    We were supposed to get up to 40 cm of snow from that big storm rolling through, but only ended up with maybe 10 at the most.

  7. lavenderbay says:

    Kame, “voice of the turtle” is part of a line from a love poem in the Bible called The Song of Solomon. The full line is, “The voice of the turtle is heard in the land.” This line always intrigued me — like, aren’t turtles silent? — until one day I learned that it didn’t mean a reptile but a bird, the Turtle Dove. I love poetry and word games and ideas that twist around backwards, so I thought it would be a good name for this blog. I also think of myself as a Turtle, and often refer to myself here in the blog as “Turtle” instead of saying “I”. For more on my turtleness, you can go to my “About” page and click on “Symbol of the Turtle”.
    I’m so happy to have a blogfriend who owns real turtles! Kame and Kroten are so cute.

    There you go again, Barefootheart, being so generous. 😛 The sox were a Christmas gift from Mum a few years ago, who ordered them from Canadian Geographic; she got us each a pair.

    We ended up with 17 cm here, Binky, after a threatened 25. It was enough anyway. I started cleaning in front of my car this morning, got a lift with E.g. to the arts centre for my watercolour class and a lift back home at noon, spent another half hour (with Staff!) finishing the driveway so I could get out and drive straight to E.g.’s parents’ place to help with their driveway, and the deck over their garage, came home and ran the car successively into both snowbanks lining the drive, and nearly took out the forsythia bush! So, yeah, another twenty minutes cleaning the end of the drive…about three and-a-half hours in total. I have saved enough Weight Watchers points to eat two whole days’ worth for supper.

  8. S. Le says:

    awww… Jayne took my comment! Looks as cold and snowy as it does here but we’re further south!

  9. Novroz says:

    @Lavenderbay Thank you for the explanation :). I’m not curious anymore now.

    btw, I’m Kame and Kroten’s mommy (I hate using the world owner).

  10. lavenderbay says:

    What’s really funny, S. Le, is that I never even clued in to the staff jacket while taking or posting these photos. Duh!
    The latest forecast here is for rain mixed with the snow in tonight’s dump. I hope that isn’t in the cards for you!

    You’re most welcome, Novroz/Kame. Most — all? — of my blogfriends and I consider ourselves “parents” to our pets. It sounds a bit odd as a verb, however, which is why I chose the more neutral term “own”. I’ll try to be more careful in the future. 😉

  11. Novroz says:

    No need to be careful 🙂
    I completely understand…I also said I own/have 2 turtles, but when I reversed it, it becomes I’m their mommy not their owner.

  12. Tony says:

    The snow looks beautiful but I don’t know if I could cope with the cold temps you’s get in yur part of the world

  13. lavenderbay says:

    Hmm, Novroz, I may have to expand my vocabulary to refer to people and their furchildren and their shellchildren.

    Your greatest asset in the adaptation process, Tony, would probably be Dixie; she’d get you outside for fifteen minutes four or five times a day. E.g.’s dad moved here from sunny Auckland, and used his love of outdoor exercise to take up skiing and snowshoeing. E.g. goes for walks to take photos. Our next-door neighbour Staff works at the zoo, and is outdoors year-round; she goes snowboarding on her days off. And me, well, some days I sit on the sofa with a dog warming either knee and a steady supply of hot herbal teas! We all manage somehow.

  14. Binky says:

    Staff just looks way too happy shoveling snow. Are you sure that’s legal?

  15. lavenderbay says:

    “It is an offense to complain, scowl, raise one’s voice so as to disturb the peace, or use profanity, while removing snow from a private drive or public sidewalk.” Saint John City By-law 42-A63, 1942. Yep, she’s above-board, Binky.

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