(Wordless Wednesday) Melon Ballers: Not Just For Melons

13 Responses to (Wordless Wednesday) Melon Ballers: Not Just For Melons

  1. stephanie says:

    Excellent dual purpose!

  2. Binky says:

    Also works for ice cream (I’ll have a 23-scoop cone, please), fudge, and brownies. Makes a nice desert salad.

  3. Mmmm. Those look delicious.

  4. Christina Cronk says:

    They’re also great for making twice-baked potatoes, or fudge balls 🙂

  5. Alyson says:

    Gorgeous – they’re like jars of edible stained glass!

  6. lavenderbay says:

    Thanks, Stephanie! My most common use of this utensil is to remove the seedy, stringy centres of squash halves. They’re sharp, though. I once spent a whole day with workshop tools safely, only to cut my thumb on the melon baller while preparing supper.

    Oo, Binky, teeny-tiny ice cream balls sounds like fun! Will store the term “dessert salad” in my Righteous-Sounding Excuses file.

    And they are, Barefootheart! I used a recipe from the pickle book E.g.’s cousin Ginger gave us, and used half-and-half jalapenos and sweet bells. It gives just enough heat for our Western palates, with a lovely little kick from the uncooked garlic clove placed in each jar.

    Twice-baked potatoes, Christina? I haven’t had those in ages. They would make for a good post-snow-shoveling supper. Fudge balls, hmm…it had better snow pretty hard

    I think they’re the prettiest thing we’ve canned so far, Al. The bell peppers had all been prepared and frozen in the Fall, and we still had red, orange, and yellow pieces. I was afraid the cooking and processing would sap all the colour, but they held up remarkably well.

  7. Novroz says:

    Afterward,please don’t use it on melon. It’ll be a spicy melon 😉

    I missed this week”s wordless Wednesday coz my computer was being repaired

  8. Tony says:

    What a great idea for making the job easier. They look delicious.

  9. lavenderbay says:

    Ouch, Novroz, that would make a memorable dessert!
    I hope your computer is feeling better soon.

    They’re so good, Tony, I’ve actually bought a packet of jalapeno seeds to try and grow a few plants this summer. (Though really, if they grow in our cool, foggy clime, I’ll be favourably impressed!)

  10. S. Le says:

    Lovely preserves! Do you take orders?

  11. lavenderbay says:

    Sure, S. Le! We’ll get a return-trip Fedex — should be cheaper that way — and when you get the peppers, you slide a pie into the package and hand it back to the delivery person. Deal?

  12. pennycat says:

    Ohhhh Yummy!!!!

  13. lavenderbay says:

    Yes, Pennycat, they’re enough to warm the toes of even an upstate New Yorker in midwinter!

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