(Wordless Wednesday) How Virgos Garden

16 Responses to (Wordless Wednesday) How Virgos Garden

  1. eyegillian says:

    So is gardening a science… or an art?

  2. lavenderbay says:

    Arranging plastic flowers is an art, Eyegillian. Growing bell peppers and tomatoes in foggy Saint John takes at least a little science.

  3. Wow, you’re precise. I am mostly guided by trial and error. Especially error.

  4. lavenderbay says:

    Precise maybe, Barefootheart, but not necessarily accurate! I’ve decided to set out our tomatoes later this year, to see if the warmer conditions improve their growth habits. But first I had to do some research…

  5. Jayne says:

    All I know is we have to plant Sweet Peas on St Patrick’s Day (March 17) here in Oz, that we can’t plant tomatoes until after Melbourne Cup Day (first Tuesday in November)and pruning roses is done best after the first day of Winter (June 1st).

  6. lavenderbay says:

    In Saint John, Jayne, our tomatoes have until the first week of October to ripen, just before you set yours out. I still think it’s fascinating how Canada and Australia seem to be the two exits of a revolving door.

  7. Binky says:

    That looks like some serious statistical analysis! You know how to make a certain Wombie very happy!

  8. lavenderbay says:

    My pleasure, Binky! I understand that life isn’t all paintings, chocolate, and training for world leadership.

  9. Tony McGurk says:

    That looks all very complex. I just plant stuff & wait for success or failure.

  10. lavenderbay says:

    Or grapes! I was studying the amount of sunlight (the bell curve) and the highs (red lines) and lows (blue lines) we get here in summer. Seems we have a mean average high of 22 (the Xes) for the greater part of it (13 weeks), with occasional spikes to 28 or 30. I’ll probably have to give pep talks to the tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos.

  11. Binky says:

    Supposedly grapes like classical music played to them all the time. Not sure about tomatoes & peppers. Maybe if you gave each of them their own iPod, they could choose for themselves.

  12. lavenderbay says:

    That’s fascinating, Binky! I’d never heard of such experiments. Grapes, of course, come from the land of Puccini, Rossini, Vivaldi, et cetera. Tomatoes and tomatillos might prefer Peruvian folk music or mariachi bands. I could sit on the back porch with my alto recorder and play El Condor Passa.

  13. Novroz says:

    All those numbers make my eyes rolling uncontrollable @.@

  14. lavenderbay says:

    It is a little obsessive, isn’t it, Novroz?
    I really like that Manga shocked-face typing ‘toon!

  15. Tony McGurk says:

    So that’s why I only got 3 bunches of small grapes. No classical music. Will have to download some classical itunes before next season…
    I could serenade them with my guitar & play something really di-vine

  16. lavenderbay says:

    Ooo, Tony, the puns, the puns!…gasp…

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