Turtle Tops

March 3, 2009

It’s meme time!

Bobbie has tagged me for a meme. The game is to enter a string of words — preferably not a post title, and the shorter the string the better — into the Google search engine, in hopes of turning up one’s own blog in the very first spot.

That was a long sentence. Once more,

  1. Think of unusual or creative phrases you’ve used in your blog — the fewer words, the better.
  2. Alternately, think of several seemingly unrelated words that are contained in one of your blog entries.
  3. Google the group of words.
  4. See if your blog turns up at the top of the list.

Bobbie came up with a nice list of twelve phrases. Even before I’d read it through, I was hoping — and satisfied — to see that “exotic underwater nudies” was on her list. (A delightful post, by the way, even if it has nothing to do with sordid Saturday nights.)

So I hied myself over to Google. And the first phrase I entered, as a test, was one from Livingisdetail’s blog: “paddock thong“. Success! The top two Google items were entries from One Little Detail. (Livingisdetail’s “paddock thong” post, a humourous look at search terms, deserves to be read too.)

In order to answer this meme’s challenge, I decided to go through my Limericks of the Turtle page and pull out short phrases. I succeeded in finding four three-word strings and three two-word strings that will put my blog at the top of Google’s list. Some of you may remember supplying the word around which I built some of these poems. Here are the top Turtle blog turner-uppers:

  • moth mouse smote
  • mousies not chickies
  • wee gamine Laura
  • young puffin perched
  • food’ll reveal
  • smiled beakily
  • swelly marm’lade.


Now it’s your turn! I call on S. Le, Almostgotit, and Lolarusa to try the meme. If anyone else does as well, I’d be happy to hear from you in this entry’s comment section.

That’s all for now. Time to curl up with the dogs and my latest French novel (and those of you familiar with Victorian literature would know that  “French novel” was once as ambiguously risqué a phrase as “paddock thong” or “exotic underwater nudie”) .

I Smell a Meme

December 1, 2008

So, Goodbear and I were discussing smells yesterday, and we thought a smell meme — a smeme? — might be fun. Goodbear designed a nice straightforward one, and answered it on her blog. Now it’s my turn.

PS my computer is ailing. It is excruciatingly slow. No photos today, then, and as few words as possible, because I get confused when I type something and watch it form on the page several seconds later.


1. List five smells you love.

  1. Cloves. I sneak them into my cooking whenever possible.
  2. Rosemary. Sometimes I open the spice bottle just for a whiff.
  3. Cedar groves. They smell deep green, with a light orange tang.
  4. Hay. Haylofts smell warm, dry, and soothing.
  5. Fresh sawdust or wood shavings. Mmmmm…

2. List five smells you don’t like.

  1. The wind blowing from the direction of a pig farm.
  2. Some kind of food processing plant, I’ve never discovered what, but it smells like burning rotten tomatoes.
  3. The tar-melting machine when workers are sealing a flat roof.
  4. Public washroom deodorizers.
  5. Vase water when the flower stems start to go slimy.


Anybody else wanna give this a whirl? Alyson, Gina, Almostgotit, Livingisdetail, are any of you up for it?

A Saturday Survey

October 18, 2008

E.G. has borrowed Robert’s career transition guidebook and is working her way through the self-knowledge exercises. I haven’t looked through the book yet. Having the suckiest job history on the planet, I don’t like to unnecessarily subject myself to depressing questionnaires. So today I will just start with the following meme that I stole from Dennis the Vizsla, to whit:

The Seven-By-Seven Questionnaire

…except that I’m leaving off #7, which is to tag other bloggers, and so it’s really:

The Seven-By-Six Questionnaire

…except that I can’t think of a seventh item for any of the lists, so I guess it’s…

The Six-By-Six Questionnaire


I. Six things I plan to do before I die.

  1. move to Saint John New Brunswick
  2. own a backyard with attached house
  3. have neighbours over for Celtic-style jam sessions
  4. visit the other Atlantic provinces
  5. learn another language (Gaelic? Latin? a First Nations tongue?)
  6. write a book of short stories (that’s “dream of”, not “plan to”)

II. Six things I do now.

  1. discard our useless stuff, and pack our useful stuff
  2. keep on top of the housework
  3. practise the recorder
  4. listen to music from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland
  5. read French fluently
  6. write a daily blog entry

III. Six things I can’t do.

  1. move tomorrow; have to wait for E.g. to get a job first
  2. make enough money to get a house myself
  3. play my recorder without lots of mistakes
  4. drive
  5. complete a spoken sentence in my own language without pausing to search for its key word
  6. write short stories (they require bothersome bits such as character development and plot)

IV. Six things that attract me to the attractive sex.

  1. self-confidence
  2. sincerity
  3. kindness
  4. intelligence
  5. enjoyment of day trips
  6. thinking my jokes are funny
  7. not thinking my serious moments are funny
  8. love of animals
  9. musical ability
  10. ability to doodle cute little singing, skiing, or swinging worms on the envelopes of my birthday cards… oh, wait — that’s ten already.

V. Six things I say most often.

  1. I
  2. really
  3. do
  4. prefer
  5. to
  6. write 

VI. Six celebrities I admire.

  1. Cher
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Sir Ian McKellan
  4. Dame Judy Dench
  5. Dame Maggie Smith
  6. Patrick Stewart

Done-diddly-dundundun-DONE! Have a good weekend everybody!

Two Cents That’s Worth the Nickel

September 12, 2008

Wa-a-a-ay back a long time ago, I chose “theme songs” for all of the blogs on my blogroll. When Elizabeth of  Wearing Stilettos and Living on a Farm joined my roll, I welcomed her with lyrics about her two dogs and two cats, set to the tune of “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” While I haven’t found a theme song for Gina yet, I baked some fresh muffins when I invited her over. Come to think of it, I have a funny feeling that Dennis the Vizsla doesn’t have a theme song either. Note to self…

Today’s entry is twofold: the passing on of nice words to five members of my blogroll, because I’ve been memed by Themarvelousinnature; and the introduction a new blogger to the klatsch.

Today’s meme, in fact, lends itself perfectly to my second purpose. Read on, to find out why there’s a Youtube video (I hope — this is the first time I’ve tried this! ) heading today’s entry.

The meme, as shamelessly copied-and-pasted from Themarvelousinnature’s blog, goes like this:

1. Choose a max of 5 blogs (we could all probably list our entire blogroll, but then you might as well just point people at your blogroll).
2. Four of the 5 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world (the definition of “another part of the world” is left to your discretion).
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award (fair’s fair! If they’re sending traffic your way, the least you can do is thank them by sending traffic back theirs. Hopefully you also like their blog, too).

Like point #1 says, I’d like to include everybody, and also the non-bloggers — Jack, Jack’s Mom, and Mutual Friend Jane — who regularly drop in to my comments section. Alas, it cannot be. I’ve decided this time, because Themarvelousinnature is a specialist and I am a generalist, to choose bloggers who might be said to specialize in one or another of my favourite topics. Even then, that eliminates only a few choices.

So the rest of you, if you had a moment of dizziness today, it was because I tossed you all in a touque and gave you a good shake, like so many Scrabble letters. Here goes.

  1. Livingisdetail, of One Little Detail, is grounded in place. She loves to tell us about local history, in and around Melbourne, Australia.
  2. Just up the street from Livingisdetail — okay, make that rural Canberra — is Alyson of Laugh in the Sun. She focusses on her family relationships: her perfect husband, her challenging children, her brainless chickens.
  3. Over in Kona, Hawaii, live Bobbie and her husband Jerry, divers who seek The Right Blue. This blog presents the wonders of underwater nature they have found throughout the seven seas.
  4. Up in central Ontario resides Shelley of Yasashiikuma Kennels and her ever-shifting number of adult and juvenile Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Ever wondered what it would be like to breed puppies? Click on her “Raising a litter” category for 35 entries on the subject.
  5. Finally, in fulfillment of point #3 above, and in answer to “What’s the Youtube video for, anyway?”, I’d like to formally introduce you to Pennycat of Pennycat’s Weblog. Although her female personal assistant happens to be Goodbear’s sister, Pennycat is new to the blogosphere. Her blog entries are short and pithy, usually accompanied by a photo of herself. Pennycat is all about pith, primarily cat pith. If you have only two minutes for a blog read, go catch Pennycat’s, and encourage her in her new career.

Since Pennycat, now living in the country, was originally a street kitty, I have chosen as her theme song “The Alleycat Song”, played on a delightful mechanical orchestra called a nickelodeon. The sound reminds me of the Roseneath Carousel (merry-go-round) . Welcome to my blogroll, Pennycat!

And now I’ve managed to sneak everyone on my blogroll, except Checkers, The Aged Cat, and Urban Thought — oh, yeah, and E.g. , who needs some encouragement to post another brilliant entry — into today’s posting. Oh — wait…