Turtle’s Tales

 These are my favourite stand-alone pieces. The most recent is at the top.

That Was Some Storm (photo comic)

Care and Feeding of Your Compost Rat (nonfiction; nature, gardening)

Shoot (photo comic)

Gullible (nonfiction; gardening)

Friday the 13th at the Alley Cat Disco (photo comic)

Diamondback Caterpillars and Other Nifty Creatures (nonfiction; nature)

Plot Twists at Annapolis Royal (photo essay)

The Hike to Cape Split (travelogue which quickly devolves into a series of silly posters)

How Flat Tony Came to Saint John (photo comic; read “The Future Drawer”, below, for Baby Tracy background)

The Future Drawer (nonfiction; family history)

Please Try Again (nonfiction; quotidian)

When Seadogs Go House Hunting; Or, Wrack and Ruin (photo comic)

Camouflage in Domestic Dogs: The Cardigan Welsh Corgi (mock scientific journal article)

The Three Wishes of Stanley McGonagall  (short fiction)

“Ticket”, a short story, was published over three days:

Call Centre  (nonfiction; quotidian)

The Planet Bromelia (short fiction)

Passover Mode (short fiction; loose biblical paraphrase)

The Followers of Menno Simons (Photo essay)

The Secret of South Village Forest (Photo comic)

The Pocaiden Adventure (Photo comic)

The Magic Horses of County Galway (Photo essay)

The Giraffe (short fiction)

When Dogs Go Camping  (Photo comic)

A Sunny Day in Ohsweken and Sky Woman (Ohsweken, Part II) (nonfiction; memoir)

The Cardigan Nestling (Photo comic)

Llama on the Lam (nonfiction; family history)

Things are Crook in Tallarook (short fiction)

Mr. MacGregor (nonfiction; memoir)

A Few Lines on Striped Maples (essay)

Inglis Falls (essay)

Sibling Revelry (nonfiction; quotidian)

Things Unseen (nonfiction; family history)

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