Turtle’s Wednesdays

This is a list of my Wordless Wednesdays (WW), with the most recent one at the top. All of the captions, and most of the pictures, are mine, but occasionally I have used a photo that was taken by my partner, E.g.; these are marked with her initials in parentheses.

How Virgos Garden

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree — and Why It May Be Necessary

O My Starling Valentine

Here, Kitty Kitty — I Think

Melon Ballers: Not Just For Melons

Dancing With the Canadians

How Blockbusters Begin

When Cats Make Dessert

Snowfall Warning Issued

Off Duty, or, “Show’s Over,” Said the Soldier, With a Disarming Smile

“I hear the feature exhibit is a cafeteria plate of fries and gravy.”


How He Knows If You’ve Been Bad or Good

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Lorikeets

She Promises to Let Me Out If I Show Good Attitude (photo by E.g., edited by Turtle)

Sartor Resartus, or The Photographer Photographed

Red Bowl

What Do You Get When You Cross a Cocker Spaniel With a Dachshund?

Wordless Wednesday Double Header to Atone for Missing it Last Week

Excalibur Was Here

Tomatoes Ripen From the Inside Out

En Route to a Root Cellar

Roaster or Fryer?

Happy 50th, 3-D Tony!!!

Anne of Green Gables Would Approve

Captions, Please


Audi, Vide, Tace

Life is Occasionally a Bed of Roses

So solly. Berry busy.

Caution: Headache Sufferers Should Avoid Lunenburg

“Canada Day? Good. I’m going back to bed.”


I Love a Parade


There Be Dragons

Sick, Sick, Sick

Cedar Hills Landscape Ltd. to the Rescue

The neighbours assemble to discuss the brick issue

And a Cast of Hundreds



Deer, Deer

What the Summer Tourists Miss

House and Home

Lunchbox Surprise: A True Story

Shiny Hikers

Sunday in the Park

Soft Focus

I Mean It

The Wiccan’s Backyard

Fifty Foot

Amy Thistle

I’ve Got Your Back

They’re Such Angels When They’re Asleep

Happy New Year

Wordless Yarnsday

Fir Coats

Blue Beauty

Sherlock Scours the Sink

Spot the Difference

“‘Get him this,’ the clerk said, ‘It’s indestructible,’ the clerk said.”

Domestic Bliss


Not in Mint Condition

My Cat, the Dentist

What is Wrong With This Picture?

A Few Lines

Buoy Oh Buoy

Seasonal Greetings

The Ugly Gosling


Life’s Like That

Non Sequitur

Someone’s Bright Idea

Riverboat Queen

A Field Guide to Dog Toy Tracks

Dream Big (E.g.)

Turtle’s New Tee

Flowers of Karma


Rubber Rocker Puppy Bumpers

Happy Socks

Two-Gram Baggy

Manuel, Recuerdo de Mijas

Cardigan Offensive: Collateral Damage

Gerald’s Spring Migration

Chicken Slushies

Turtle’s Container Container

The Unbearable Lightness of Cheesies (E.g.)

Paul Peel for the 21st Century

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