The Rest of the Prizes

May 10, 2008

horse eye view

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Saturday funnies (I hope).

Way back when, we had a Famous-Dead-Person Blog contest, with all participants invited to offer a word for a limerick if they provided a username for the famous dead person. Well, everybody did! Goodbear’s limerick was posted on my “Turtle’s Latest Limerick” sidebar on April 28th for a week, and may now be seen on my “Limericks of the Turtle” page. Last Saturday, I posted three limericks; there are four more to go, including one for Chris.

Here then, are the remaining four limericks, with the dates on which they’ll be posted on my sidebar and added to the “Limericks of the Turtle” page. Enjoy! (And if you didn’t read the grand prize, 499 words on the topic of Jack’s mom’s choice, you can catch it here.)

Okay, this first one is for Shelley, who asked for a limerick with the word “travel” in it. It’ll be sidebarred on May 28th.

  • I’m travelin’ on down the line
  • With sev’ral great Cardis of mine.
  • We’ll see friends of yore,
  • And might get a good score.
  • Either way it’s okay — I feel fine!


Next is the limerick for Livingisdetail, who offered the word “procession”. This one will be sidebarred on June 7th.

  • The Lady Godiva’s procession
  • Has made quite a lasting impression.
  • Her shiftless noblesse
  • Is still seen as a test
  • Of good stewardship during recession.


Third, and second-last, is another one for Jack’s mum, who offered the word “flash”. June 14 will herald its week of front-page fame.

  • I now see my purchase was rash.
  • Though this white bathing suit is quite flash,
  • If I don’t lose (I fear)
  • Twenty pound and ten year,
  • It will raise not a single eyelash.


And finally, here is one for Chris, who didn’t specify a word, so I chose one for him: “president”. I’m not convinced of its suitability as family material, so if you’re reading these aloud to the kiddies you may want to tell them that this one isn’t funny, which it probably isn’t anyway. (There was enough scandal over Gerald the other day.) It will be featured for the week of June 21st.

  • A president’s job is a tough one,
  • And a journalist’s tongue is a rough one.
  • After one photo-op
  • At Ye Olde Sausage Shoppe,
  • Headlines read, “Leader told where to stuff one.”


And today is Puppy Pickup Day, which means I have to run away now and won’t be able to visit your blogs till tomorrow. I wish you all a luscious weekend. A la prochaine!